ASLCC debates student organization secession

Nicole Rund

Debate continued Wednesday concerning ASLCC’s stance on the secession of the Oregon Student Association from the United States Student Association. Written statements from USSA representatives on why OSA should not leave were read out loud and the senators gave their views. After voting on three time extensions, but not voting on the agenda item, ASLCC Adviser Barb Delansky interrupted the meeting. Delansky pointed out that senators had just spent 45 minutes discussing a 20 minute agenda item. She proposed a “process suggestion” reminding senators that they can call a vote at any time without engaging in repetitive discussion. Vice President Malissa Ratthasing reiterated President Michael Weed’s position supporting secession from USSA. When the vote was finally called, a motion recommending that OSA stay with USSA passed 4-1-3.

In other business, Anastasia Vail expressed her interest in filling a vacant senate seat. When asked about her conflict resolution skills, Vail said she is best equipped to deal with conflict because she is one of 10 children. She was unanimously ratified as a new senator and took her seat in the boardroom.