ASLCC to seek marijuana tax money

August Frank

Student government members conducted an emergency senate meeting Monday, Nov. 10, voting to endorse Lane Community College’s pursuit of money raised by Lane County’s recreational marijuana sales tax, enacted prior to the passage of Measure 91. Trevor Moore, Gender and Sexuality Alliance treasurer, is working with Lane County Commissioner Pete Sorenson to determine if tax money can be earmarked for Lane Community College.

Moore stressed that ASLCC was not endorsing marijuana. “The general consensus of the people I’ve talked to is the school needs funding and it’s not directly endorsing marijuana,” ASLCC president Michael Weed said. “It’s just another funding model for taxation. Schools receive funding from gambling as well.”

The final wording of the motion read: “ASLCC’s official endorsement of pursuing the money collected from Lane County’s tax on recreational marijuana sales per Measure 91 to support community college. And also to create an ASLCC task force under the student finance board to work on, track and report progress of this matter.”

The motion passed 7-0. Moore leads the task force and will provide periodic progress updates.