Palettes and palates at David Joyce Gallery

Chayne Thomas

“Labor of Love: an exploration of the work and energy in creating our food,” is the title of the current exhibit to grace the David Joyce Gallery at Lane Community College.

Susan Detroy, the gallery director, described the show as “thematic.” One oil painting features swimming fish, scaling up from the bottom like totems. Another painting depicts orchards with the depth of a photograph and the playful style and bright colors of a drawing.

The show delivers a mixture of spectrums and mediums, and showcases the work of various Northwest artists.

The works are specifically based around the theme, splendor and reverence of food. It is multicultural in the sense that it represents a variety of places and styles, representing the wide variety of the people inhabiting them.

The gallery is located on the second floor of Building 11. There is no cost for admission.