Student senate ratifies five open chairs

LisaMarie Lusk

Associated Students of Lane Community College’s Vice President, Malisa Ratthasing, began the senate meeting on Jan. 7 by announcing the resignation of President Michael Weed who, for health reasons, stepped down from his position.

Ratthasing, successor to the president, stepped down from her VP position and announced that, according to the directives of the ASLCC bylaws and constitution, her official position is now president of the student body. No vote was required.

The first order of business was to vote on a motion to appoint Ashley Jackson as vice-president. Ratthasing praised Jackson saying that she deserved the position. “I chose the person with the purest intent,” she said adding that Jackson is a role model for other people to follow.

The motion passed 6-0 and Jackson became the new vice-president of the ASLCC Student body. Jackson’s first duty in her new role was to call the meeting to an official start at 5:12 p.m., pounding the gavel on the table for the first time.

Other positions ratified during the senate meeting were Daniel Pollock as Sustainability Coordinator and Mariana Paredones for Campus Community Director. Felicia Dickinson became President Pro Tempore, prevailing over Senators Scott Compton and Anastasia Vail for the position.

Summer Manier tearfully resigned as Director of State Affairs for personal reasons. This led to a motion for a group hug which passed on a 5-0 vote. This was one of two group hugs that were voted on and passed during the meeting and the third since the beginning of fall term.

Senate meeting highlights for Jan. 14: Funds were granted for the The Sex Symposium on Friday Jan. 23 at the Center for Meeting and Learning. Brittney Healy reported that the Snack Shack will now be carrying taquitos and corndogs. She is waiting for approval on other food items and also the ability to take debit cards. SoJust announced that their retreat the previous weekend was a success; the group spent three nights discussing group goals, bylaws and recruiting.