Scholarships deadlines coming soon; full and part-time students can apply

Scholarships are available for Lane students through the Lane Foundation and the Office of Student Access and Completion. Part-time students, taking at least credits, are also eligible. Because the scholarships are just for Lane students, the pool of applicants is significantly lowered to about 10,000 students compared with millions applying for national scholarships, which greatly strengthens the odds of being a recipient.

Jackie Bryson, Lane career employment and scholarship advisor, advises students about the process. “It’s a great opportunity to be able to apply for up to $800,000 in scholarships, just for Lane students,” she said.

Lane Foundation staff are available to help students fill out applications and review their essays. Four simple essays of approximately 150 words are required, each answering a particular question. Spelling and punctuation count, so applicants are encouraged seek help with their essays through Career and Employment Services before submission.

LCC graduate Hanna Achepohl holds associate degrees in both culinary arts and hospitality management. She applied for 47 scholarships and was awarded seven. This enabled her to graduate debt-free with money in the bank. “The CES office is here to help people fill out scholarship applications. If you don’t take the time, you won’t get the money,” Achepohl said.

Lane counselor and teacher Beth Landy specializes in helping students strategize and organize their scholarship searches and processes. She said accurate record keeping, document organization and electronic and physical storage are important.

Landy commented that well-written scholarship applications or letters of recommendation can be easily adjusted. Simple rewording can eliminate the need for new applications or letters she said. The most important thing, she noted, is the need for applicants to show their worthiness to scholarship donors.

“Your goal in a scholarship is to prove to the scholarship committees that you are a good investment,” Landy said. “Scholarship donors want to know that you will be successful in your career, your education and your life. Those are the kinds of students they want to give their money to.”

Lane Foundation Director Wendy Jett stated that there is money for all students attending LCC. “We have scholarships for everyone and all Lane students are eligible for Foundation scholarships. Every major and every life circumstance is valued,” she said.

Scholarship Deadlines:
OSAC early bird: Feb. 15. Early entries qualify students for a possible $500 prize.
OSAC final deadline: March 1.
Lane Foundation: March 4

Scholarship Workshops:
Feb. 20: 2:00–3:20 p.m., Bldg 19 Room 243
Feb. 25: 3:30–4:50 p.m., Bldg 19 Room 243

For more information:
Website – foundation
Phone – Jackie Bryson: (541) 463-5167, ext 5164.