Student activity fee increase debated; new senator and treasurer join student government

Nicole Rund

Senators presented a medley of discussion topics at the student government meeting on Wednesday, March 12. They voted 4-0-0 to approve Robert Kirkpatrick as a senator and he immediately took a seat next to them.

Lindsey Montano stated why she wanted to become ASLCC treasurer. Senate voted 5-0-0 to ratify her to the position. Senators talked about the student activity fee for 2015-2016. The fee currently stands at $54.30 per student, per term. It funds programs such as student government, The Torch newspaper, Council of Clubs and others. Senators discussed a possible 70 cent increase which would bring the fee to $55.00.

Vice President Ashley Jackson said student government has not asked for an increase in their funding since 2004, reminding senators that LCC faces a $3 million budget deficit due to declining enrollment. In 2012, at the height of enrollment, the student activity fee generated $300,000. With current enrollment figures the fee generates about $180,000 according to ASLCC adviser Barb Delansky.

Newly ratified senator Kirkpatrick said that in recent weeks the Food Pantry has not been open during its posted hours. “It doesn’t matter how much food you have on the shelves if people walk away without food,” Kirkpatrick said.

Senators discussed how the 70 cent increase could benefit the Food Pantry, including helping to pay for a refrigerator. The discussion was tabled until next week.

The fencing club’s amended funds request for $1,595 was discussed briefly once again and then approved 4-0-1. These funds would come from the Council of Club’s budget. The funds request for an additional $1,895 coming from ASLCC’s budget was tabled until next week.

Schumacher was named head of the elections committee. Elections for student government will be held in May and are open to all students who are taking credit classes.

Stan Taylor, representing the Peace Symposium, said he is trying to bring Suzan Shown Harjo, a presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, to speak at the eighth annual Peace Symposium scheduled for April 30, 2015.