Student government quorum not met

Nicole Rund

There were several empty seats at the student government meeting, Wednesday, March 3. President Malissa Ratthasing and Vice President Ashley Jackson were both absent as were the majority of senators. Senator Felicia Dickinson, as president pro tem, led a quick meeting.

Quorum was not met. Therefore, voting could not take place.

The most pressing issue awaiting a vote was the fencing club’s funds request, a topic under discussion for the last three meetings.

ASLCC adviser Barb Delansky told the fencing club’s representatives, Ian Johnson and Mindy Parks, that they might have to have a plan B because they might not get the full amount of funds they requested.

Due to quorum not being met, the senate was also unable to ratify two potential senators, Seth Joyce and Robert Kirkpatrick. Joyce and Kirkpatrick are both waiting for their opportunity to say why they want to be senators and be voted into office to fill empty seats. During her report, Delansky made it clear that it is very important that those seats are filled in the upcoming May elections.