ASLCC: discrimination still an issue

Discrimination and raising funds for tornado damage relief were topics of discussion again at the May 13 student government meeting.

Discussion on the proposed Discrimination Prevention Committee was removed from the agenda. Vice-president Ashley Jackson explained that the issue had been discussed at the Monday work session where it was determined that discrimination issues should be addressed within the Cultural Competency Committee as part of its mission.

Senator Charles Stewart later expressed frustration that there has been little progress toward eliminating discrimination on campus. “Somebody’s not doing their job,” he said.

Regarding tornado relief, Stewart said that attention on the election had hampered the previous fundraising effort, but now there are enough people and manpower and $250 in prizes and candy. Additionally, he said three companies are lined up to bring in food and two artists are willing to attend.

Stewart said he couldn’t put together an event on his own and asked for help with the project.

Several minutes of discussion were devoted to bringing a tornado relief request to the Board of Education. Stewart said he had spoken to US representative Peter DeFazio on the subject. “I spoke with him personally. He’s already on board with this.”

Anastasia Vail volunteered to address the BOE asking them to support the fundraising effort.

The Anime/Manga club requested $350 in funding to put on a fundraiser next Fall term. After several minutes of discussion, the request was approved by 5-0-0 vote.

Newly appointed Treasurer James Wessgert requested $3,600 from the ASLCC operations budget for starting an Open Educational Resources program to buy textbooks for student rental, to be administered by the Lane library.

Senators quizzed Wessgert on program policies and operation. Top concerns included having sufficient quantity to serve all interested students, potential problems with non-returned books and whether the program would duplicate or conflict with the rental service already offered by the Titan Store.

After several minutes discussing various solutions to the concerns raised, it was decided that more research was warranted and the senate tabled the request 4-0-1.

In her report, President Malisa Ratthasing said there would be no tuition increase recommendation for next year, but that program cuts were still an issue. Vice-president Ashley Jackson reported that changes to Lane College’s mission statement for next year are being considered and said now is the time for anyone to offer input.

No business was proposed for next week’s agenda.