Vote for student government; Tues, May 5 – Fri, May 8

ASLCC Elections for 2015-16

There are two presidential tickets, each comprised of one presidential candidate and one vice presidential candidate.

Mariana Sofia Paredones, Presidential Candidate; Heath Oltman, Vice Presidential Candidate.

Ashley Jackson, Presidential Candidate; Jazzmen Vega, Vice Presidential Candidate.

There are eleven candidates for senator and only 10 will be elected.

Belen Ordonez

Cristian Martinez

Sora Boyd

Christine Ibeabuchi

Natasha Briquet-Walden

Evelyn Sanders

James Wessgert

Robert Kirkpatrick

Ebenezer Yemoh

Anna Sablan

Button Will

Ballot measure:

There is one ballot measure for the student fee referendum to increase the current student activity fee from $54.30 to $56.00, which requires a yes or no vote.

Shall the Student Activity fee be increased $1.70 to provide funding for the ASLCC operating budget, food pantry, and to expand travel and training opportunities for students at large?

“Yes” Vote means:

The Student Activity Fee will increase from $54.30 to $56.00. This funding will be utilized by the ASLCC to increase supplies to the Rainy Day Pantry when needed, to pay for additional travel and conference costs for students to attend leadership development conferences.

“No” Vote means:

The Student Activity Fee will not change.

Voting is online at OrgSync.

Complete election information is available at: