People matter

Public Safety Badge
image courtesy of Lane’s Public Safety Dept

Commentary by Penny Scott

When I see I’ve made an error, it is only right for me to correct it when possible. Even though the error I am about to correct is a small one in the scheme of things — to one man it just might not be so small.

For more than two months The Torch has provided in-depth coverage and analysis of administration’s plan to close the Electronics Technology and Automotive Collision and Refinishing programs.

I’ve done my best to present all viewpoints and to explain and clarify what’s been happening and, just as importantly, I’ve tried to clear up miscommunications and help correct any mistakes.

In the process I made my own mistakes, and one that’s been bothering me concerns who gave the order to put up police tape at the May 13 board meeting.

In the June 6 edition of The Torch I said that Vice President Brian Kelly requested that Public Safety officers ask people to move off the balcony outside the boardroom.

What I neglected to say is that both Kelly and Public Safety Chief Jace Smith told me that putting up tape to prevent them from returning was a Public Safety decision.

Smith sent out an email to this effect on May 22, and my omission left an unintended disparity between his message and the message in my article. In my opinion Smith was speaking sincerely and truthfully both in his email and in his interview with me.

Smith said to me that it’s important that people trust Public Safety, and I would never do anything to undermine that trust.