Quick News – Nov 4


At 4:34 p.m. on Tues, Nov. 3, a LaneAlert was issued urging caution in light of an alleged cougar sighting at the southeast corner of campus. Lane’s Public Safety Department declined to comment.


Despite their popularity, it is important to remember that turkeys at Lane are still wild animals. According to Lane’s official statement on feeding wild animals, students are strongly discouraged from feeding the turkeys, as well as interacting with them beyond more than observationally. Feeding them could lead to behavioral alteration, spreading of disease and even birth defects. People touching turkeys could potentially get sick, or even provoke the birds.

“When students see turkeys in or near their path, they should not worry. To my knowledge, none of the turkeys are very aggressive,” Albert Pooth, Lane biology instructor said. “That could change, however, as people continue to feed them and they get more and more accustomed to having people around.”

Pooth went on to say that occasionally students do research on the turkeys for their classes. Such research is usually done under the supervision of Lane faculty, in a way that will have no negative impact on the turkeys.