Lane recently introduced plans to add two additional sports programs in the fall of 2016.

The two sports, a men’s soccer team and a women’s volleyball team, give high school students the opportunity to compete at the college level. Both teams will compete in the Southern Region of the Northwest Athletic Conference.

“It’s extremely exciting for us. It’s an opportunity for us to reach out to our local community, [and] get some new students that wouldn’t be coming to Lane,” said Greg Sheley, athletic director at Lane. “It’s a chance for us to get out in the community within the state to bring people on campus.”

Adding the two new sports teams is part of the college’s new student recruitment initiative. Sheley predicts that both sports will attract more than 100 students to the college.

“I played volleyball and it taught me hard work and dedication,” Chase Bosarge, Lane student, said. ”Without it I wouldn’t have succeeded in high school.” Student athletes are required to be enrolled full-time at Lane and currently have a completion rate of 90 percent, compared to a school-wide rate of seven percent.

The teams are still in the early processes of being created. Job listings for coaches have been posted on Lane’s athletic website. Students interested in joining the teams can visit to complete a questionnaire.