Course blends old school and new school modeling

Starting Winter Term 2016, Lane will be offering a new course called Sculpting for Animators, which will bring the process of 3D modeling to Lane Media and Art students. Instructors Lee Imonen, Andy Salzman and Rick Simms have been working with Lane administration for several months to develop curriculum in addition to acquainting themselves with the new 3D printing technology necessary for this course.

“It is exciting to combine the historic practices of studio arts with the new technology relevant to digital arts because that is what’s happening in the work world,” Imonen said. “A significant part of the industry including game development, 3D animation, claymation and stop motion film rely on this crossover of thinking between the real world and virtual reality.”

The class organizers say they have wide support among faculty for the course.

“Students will begin by drawing a created character on paper accompanied by a developed storyline, followed by modeling a 12-by-16 inch version of that character out of plasticine [an oil based clay] finally allowing for the character to be scanned in 3D and digitally captured,” Imonen said.

During the summer of 2015 Lane purchased three 3D printers, a handheld 3D scanner and software totalling $8,773 for use in this course.

“This class will accomplish two things for us,” Mary Jo Kreindel, Arts Department administrative coordinator, said. “It will bring Lane forward to the new technology age with the 3D capabilities in addition to combining sculpture and media arts and the multi-disciplinary efforts involved. This is something Lane really values.”

The course has stimulated a lot of interest with the students of art and media as well, as it will be the first course taught by art and media faculty as a team.

“This is what I plan to do when I am done with my education, I have always wanted to be employed as a professional animator,” Jacqueline Riddle, media arts student, said. “I have already taken the opportunity to utilize some of the new equipment while eagerly waiting for this new course.”