Stalker Scandal Revealed

Faculty member files suit against school over lack of protection

Tenured and award-winning faculty member Nadia Raza filed a lawsuit against Lane Jan. 21 over their inability to deal with a student who threatened and stalked Raza in 2014.

According to Raza’s suit, Lane failed to communicate with her, did not act when the student continuously threatened her and made it difficult for her to file a restraining order against the student. This caused Raza to start teaching online classes exclusively to avoid the threats she was receiving on campus.

“Lane’s response made a terrifying situation much worse,” Raza said in a press release.

Raza, who is Pakistani-American and Muslim, believes she was targeted by the student due to her ethnicity and religion.

“As a faculty member, I rely on our college to provide a safe and non-discriminatory work environment,” Raza said.

According to OregonLive, at least five female faculty members received disturbing emails from the student in 2014, and in April of that year the student was arrested in a Eugene apartment complex, where he was allegedly looking for Raza.

The Torch will be following this case as it develops, and will expand upon it in the coming weeks.