Donald Trump took center stage at the Lane Events Center on Friday, May 6 to build more support for his presidential run. He drew a crowd of over 4,000 supporters — and protesters — who came to display their beliefs and emotions.

The hour-long speech that Trump managed to haphazardly stumble his way through was excruciating. From his third grade grammatical skills to his constant mispronunciation of Oregon — he preferred “OR-E-GONE” — bearing through the inarticulate speech was enough to make some want to pick up a book in hopes of saving the surviving brain cells that took a beating from the incoherent babbling. It was almost as if a mean spirited toddler grabbed the mic and started throwing a fit about how “unfair” life is.

It was quite astonishing to see the amount of people that showed up to the rally in support of Trump in what is generally considered a very left-leaning city. The support was met with a sizable protest party reported to be over 500 people. Carrying signs depicting Trump crossed out or statements such as “Down with Drumpf,” a term popularized by John Oliver on his show “Last Week Tonight,” which he claims is Trump’s ancestral name.

Only months ago, Trump appeared to be a gimmick candidate, someone laughable to entertain us during this incredibly lengthy campaign process. Now, with the Republican party in complete disarray, Trump has managed to slip to the front lines, gaining massive support from citizens after having beaten 16 other candidates.

Despite his racially insensitive comments, complete lack of political knowledge, and his offensive remarks towards women, somehow Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee for the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

The real fear of Trump becoming president sets in when imagining how he would operate when it comes to foreign policy — something he has been very vague about. Aside from wanting to construct a literal 50-foot wall on the U.S. Mexican border (subsequently creating a market for 51-foot ladders), and his plan to ban immigration of all Muslims to the U.S., Trump would be the face of America, arguably the most powerful country in the world, and potentially the biggest threat to the American image.

Like a child in trouble with his parents, Trump has repeatedly and almost immediately denied things he said or insinuated. One example of this is the juxtaposition of his vehement immigration speeches and him trying to reach out on Twitter on Cinco de Mayo with a halfhearted photo of him enjoying a Taco Bowl, with the quote “I love hispanics!”

His comments have been unintelligent and insensitive. The responsibility to be president does not just involve picking out matching suits and ties. It involves understanding different cultures and being respectful to them. Something Trump clearly has not shown he is capable of. When lives are at risk, or negotiations with other world leaders is on the table, Trump could easily cause disastrous situations for the U.S. and other countries simply by his insensitive demeanor.

The world is full of drastically different ideologies, cultures and histories that combine to shape each individual in a unique way. Though some may be different, not all are necessarily bad or evil. But if we had a president such as Trump, who appears to be short-tempered and ill-educated on foreign policy, the actions of other countries could become unpredictable and dangerous.

There are over three million Muslims, 14 million Hispanics and Latinos and 157 million women currently living in America, according to a study in 2015, conducted by Pew Research Center. Within a matter of months, Trump has made comments that are racist, bigoted and have demonized all of the groups mentioned above.

It is difficult to accept that the face of our country could potentially be represented by someone who has shown to be insensitive to such a broad array of people.

May 17 is the last day to cast votes for the presidential primary in Oregon. It is crucial that all the voices be heard and that we show the rest of the world our ideologies do not fall in line with Mr. ‘Drumpf.’