Titans chase off cougars

After winning seven out of eight games in an away stretch, the Lane women’s soccer team played their first of five games at home before the Northwest Athletic Conference postseason. They beat Clackamas Community College in a stormy 2-1 game. The Titans are now 9-3-2.

“We are excited to play Clackamas at home on Saturday; we have not had a home game since school has started,” Head Coach Erica Jensen said before the game. “We were tested on the road and it really forced us to figure out who we wanted to be, deal with adversity and grow as a team.”

Although struggling with injuries many players have stepped up to fill big roles. Specifically, last season’s Region MVP Pikake Hix has been out of play due to a torn ACL. Thankfully Emily Hillestad, a Sophomore, has become a top ten scorer in the NWAC.

The first half of the game was a slippery battle of defenses, both goalkeepers kept the game at 0-0 at the half.

Jensen said about the weather, “We are pretty used to the rain – it was more the wind that was the hard adjustment today. We made some adjustments to things such as goal kicks and corner kicks in order to deal with the rain. The team had addressed how to deal with the crazy weather and they did a really good job of sticking to the plan and implementing it well. They were composed during those bouts of crazy wind.”

Throughout the game, players took multiple spills and were slow to get up off of the wet,  cold field. Many of the players took extra warm-up time to compensate for the downpour.

Clackamas put up the first score when number ten, Lauren Dolezal, sunk a shot over the hands of Lane goalkeeper, Abigail Diller.

Lane, however, showed no signs of slowing down after being scored on. With multiple gritty and tumble-filled plays Lane Forward Jordyn Dion rushed through a stampede of Clackamas defenders to tie up the game.

Dion is currently in ranked in top ten of NWAC for assists with 11 on the season.

With about two minutes left on the clock Lane Forward Maile Sur took a strike at the goal to have it promptly deflected. While Clackamas goalkeeper, Mayra Pantoja was down, Sur saw her opportunity and quickly re-shot before Pantoja could collect herself. Sur sunk the shot.

After a brief stoppage time the Titans won 2-1. Next up the team will face Portland at home.