trch0013Tyler Plummer // The Torch

Tens of thousands of Oregon residents lost power Saturday evening, Oct. 15 as the remnants of a typhoon hit the Pacific Northwest.

The storm experienced by Oregonians this past weekend was the leftovers of Typhoon Songda, that wreaked havoc in the Western Pacific just days before.

It came after another storm hit the coastal town of Manzanita, bringing with it a tornado that destroyed two businesses and damaged 100 buildings. Luckily, no injuries were reported.

Lane County remains relatively undamaged with the exception of some downed trees and power lines. The Register Guard reports that Laura Mccoy, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Portland, said the majority of the storm had passed by Saturday evening.

“The worst of the winds are over,” Mccoy said.

The largest gusts ended around 3 p.m. on Oct. 15. Mccoy said the Eugene-Springfield area will remain wet and rainy for the next few days, but it will be “nothing like what we’ve seen today or Thursday.”

Coincidentally, the largest storm that ever hit Oregon happened exactly 52 years ago, brought on by typhoon Freda. USA Today reported 46 deaths linked to the storm throughout the Northwest.

The most recent storm comes on the heels of erratic weather patterns all over the country, including Hurricane Matthew, which devastated certain areas of the southeastern United States and the Caribbean this past week.

The Weather Channel reports no significant storms heading for the Eugene-Springfield area in the near future.