ASLCC denies televised meetings

With only four of the nine senators in attendance, no voting power or quorum was implemented this week at the Associated Students of Lane Community College (ASLCC) meeting. Although, the agenda that was tabled until next week, it was still discussed by those in attendance.

A funds request of $200 ($50 per day) for refreshments during “Quiet Week,” the week before finals week, was put in by Multicultural Program Coordinator Renata Perez and sponsored by Senator Brendan Sanders and Senator Imani Beasley. Perez explained that any money that was not used she would be returning it to the ASLCC.

During the discussion on “Quiet Week” Senator Cairo Smith asked Vice President Anastasia Vail why it wasn’t called “Dead Week.”

“There are a couple of reasons for that. One reason is instructors aren’t supposed to assign homework at that time. Another reason is that on campuses it is the week with the highest rate of suicide among college students. So, I personally don’t like calling it “Dead Week’,” Vail said.

Senator Shawn Goddard proposed purchasing rainproof enclosures for Bristow Square now that commencement ceremonies will be held there. Goddard likened the type of structure he wants for Lane to the structure that is found at Bohemia Park in Cottage Grove.

“If we brought this to this administration, I don’t think it would be prudent to undertake this installation, personally,” is what Smith said about the facilitation of cameras in the boardroom for broadcasting the ASLCC meeting. “I kinda laugh that we have a cable broadcasting studio on this campus at all. It reminded me that there were too many good facilities that were built in the 1960s that have not received a serious update.”

“It doesn’t look like ASLCC would like to move forward with going live from the boardroom based on the comments from the senate,” Vice-President Anastasia Vail said to the project coordinator of the Academic Technology Department, Dean Middleton.

“I figured how to cut the price in half, so if the sticker shock was what was affecting it,” Middleton said in response to the denial of furthering the idea.

Still, the senate didn’t budge at the new figure for the estimated cost of upgrading the multimedia capabilities of the normal meeting place for the ASLCC meeting. “I just don’t think anyone would ever want to watch it,” Smith said during finalizing the discussion.

No new agenda items were offered for next week by the attending senators. Next week’s meeting will be back in the boardroom in Building 3 on Thursday, Nov. 17 from 4 – 6 p.m.