Legendary environmentalist lectures at Lane

In an ever-changing world for activists, there are some who stand above the rest in the face of danger, and even the threat of death. With so many resource-based conflicts happening as well as assassinations of environmental movement leaders, there is a lot at stake for these individuals well beyond their causes.

Vandana Shiva, a champion of human and environmental rights in India and elsewhere, is visiting the main campus Performing Arts Building 6 this Monday, Nov. 21. Shiva will share with those attending her views on the oil industry, and how soil will be the next lucrative commodity where supplies are shrinking due to excess pollution.

We feel very blessed to bring this world-renowned champion of peace and biodiversity to Lane Community College,” Professor Stan Taylor said, a Lane Peace Center Chair and Political Science instructor.

“Everywhere Vandana Shiva speaks she draws overflow crowds. The Performing Arts building theater has 500 seats and we expect them to all be filled,” Taylor said. “Anticipating potential overflow, we have several additional rooms for attendees to watch the talk via live stream.”

“It is because we built our economics, our politics, our cosmology around oil. If you think of it, industrialism begins with fossil fuels. The entire thinking in terms of a fragmented mindset, in terms of a separation from nature is a separation within nature. All of that is a result of the fact that we could ignore the vibrant ecological cycles of the Earth, and imagine that we could cheat nature with fossil fuels,” Shiva said in a Soil Not Oil Conference which was recently posted on youtube.com.

“It is time to stop thinking of climate change through fear,” Shiva also said in the video. “It is time to start thinking of climate change as an opportunity the earth has given us to return to our roots — to return to the soil.”

Shiva’s talk entitled Soil Not Oil will be in the Performing Arts Building 6 on Monday, Nov. 21 from 6 – 7:30 p.m. Doors open at 5 p.m. — the event is free and open to the public.