Tutors on your computer

Lane offers a broad spectrum of on-campus tutoring services including the Math and Science Resource Centers. These services are used by many students but some students don’t have the time or means to take advantage of them.

Now, however, Lane has become part of the Western eTutoring Consortium. The WeTC is part of a broader system of online tutoring used by multiple universities throughout the United States called the eTutoring Consortium.

Liz Coleman, Lane’s tutoring services coordinator, elaborated on how this system will be able to help students in ways that traditional tutoring services provided by the college cannot.

“WeTC is great because it can be accessed at home by students whenever they want. Often times students can’t use the programs provided on campus due to busy work schedules or other things. Programs like the MRC and SRC are only open at certain times a day,” Coleman said.

Since the eTutoring Consortium is a nationwide institution, tutors from all over the country sign on to the online network at different times to provide tutoring from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Sunday. Depending on what time you log on you could be working with someone from California or New York.

One of the ways WeTC works is by providing helpful material to students through the eQuestion system. Students simply post a question they have about a class or subject to the online forum and will get a response back within 24 hours. The eWriting lab paralleles this tool, where students can upload essays and other writing assignments and get comments and suggestions back also within a 24-hour period.

Online chat rooms are another helpful tool. This is where students can talk to tutors directly online and collaborate with other students on specific issues.

All of the specific information regarding the WeTC system can be found on Lane’s website under the tutoring services page below the student life tab.