Breaking with tradition

The Women’s Program at Lane Community College was one of 20 programs which participated in the Hands-On Career Exploration Day on April 14 by holding an informational session about women in nontraditional careers.  A non-traditional career is one which one gender makes up less than 25 percent of the individuals in that career.

Pat McMurray, a specialist with the Career and Technical Education program, talked about her experience being a woman working as a quality control member in a factory and teaching computer classes in Texas. She now works with the Career and Technical Education program which offers a variety of resources for students.

Throughout the session each student had to find a non-traditional career that they would not want to work in, one they would like to work in and a non-traditional career that they had never thought of before. Students were provided with computers for searching the internet and were also allowed to utilize their smartphones.

For more information on the Women’s Program at Lane or the CTE program, visit the Women’s Center in Building 1, Room 202.