Posters packed up

Elizabeth Comiskey // The Torch
On Monday April 10 a short lived poster sale was hosted by Lane Community College in the Center building on the main campus. Ross Robinson, owner and curator has traveled across the United States bringing his posters to over 750 colleges and universities. Lane ended the agreement with Robinson due to violations and uncooperative nature to modify the placement of posters for sale.

On Monday April 10, Lane Community College hosted a poster sale on the second floor of the Center Building. Curator Ross Robinson has brought his posters to Lane five times during his 36 year poster sale marathon. He has traveled to over 750 universities across the United States.

The same day Robinson set up Lane ended their agreement for him to sell on campus. Robinson packed up on April 10, just hours after arriving at Lane.

“Specifically, he (Robinson) was supposed to be confined to the Haugland Commons area. There were multiple ADA and fire code violations with his arrangement, not to mention OSHA safety issues all over the place with tables stacked on top of each other,” Interim Dean of Student Life and Leadership Development Christina Walsh said.

When asked about his poster sale ending early Robinson said, “The higher ups hate my posters, the three complaints I have had from universities in my 36 years have been investigated fully and rectified in a timely manner. I will lose $4,000 – $6,000 from this, and turned down other schools to come to Lane.”

Robinson will travel to Mississippi, Florida and Kansas before summer to sell his posters to students at various college and universities.