Florence center lands a leader

The interim dean of the Lane Community College Florence Center, Russ Pierson, recently accepted the opportunity to remain in as the official dean of the Florence Center. Pierson has been the interim dean since 2015 and has been at Lane since 2010 and has worked a variety of different roles throughout the community.

A dean is considered a managerial position and they generally oversee one specific department or, in this case, a specific branch of the college. In order to be in the position of a dean, Lane requires the person to have a master’s degree in whatever department they are overseeing as well as administrative experience.

Pierson acquired a Master’s of Arts in Leadership in 2010 as well as a Doctorate in Ministry for Leadership and Global Perspectives in 2012 from George Fox University. At Lane, he started as a lead project coordinator for Facilities Management and Planning, then held three other positions at Lane before becoming a dean.

Before he came to Lane, Pierson held various other jobs as well. He was a manager at Bineham Construction Inc., a director of marketing and communications at Eugene Faith Center and a publisher at The Good News, to name a few.

In a recent email, Dawn DeWolf, vice president of academic and student affairs stated that she was “very pleased to announce that Russ Pierson has accepted the position.” There is now no dean position being recruited on the Lane web site, however, there are three director positions still available.