Giving student government direction

Photo by George Hodan / Public domain
Photo by George Hodan / Public domain

The Associated Students of Lane Community College is electing a new president and a few new senators in the coming days. Since newcomers will be taking office, some of the sitting government members are making revisions to the current constitution.

Brendan Sanders is the legislator behind the changes. “Most of the major changes that have been made will mostly have to do with the way the student government is run. That’s mostly what the constitution does,” Sanders said.

The changes that Sanders has made to the constitution will more accurately describe what it means to be a part of the ASLCC student government and what candidates can expect.

Sanders also explained that while adding content to the constitution there will be some items taken out that are now redundant.

“I believe in article seven there is a section that explains ASLCC’s role in the student activity fees, that’s no longer pertinent because all of that work is now done by the student activity fee committee,” Sanders said. “These changes aren’t really about giving ASLCC anymore student power. It’s really just about giving ASLCC students more of a direction and what they are supposed to do when they are a part of student government.”

Sanders clarified there will also be new transition binders outlining the job for students who have just been elected into new positions.

“In the original constitution that myself and other senators were working with said that there must be ten senators,” Sanders said. “I asked myself, ‘What if someone drops out?’”

“The constitution was kind of non-specific about it. So in article four where it talks about the construction of the senate it can now be anywhere from 10 to six,” Sanders emphasized that if the senate reaches below 5 people then the ASLCC must elect new members to prevent a political gridlock.

Sanders also changed the name of the student government to ASLCC SG, SG standing for student government.

“I found there were a few different job descriptions outside of the government portion of the program so I thought some clarification on that would be good as well,” Sanders said.

The new president, as well as the senators elect, will be announced soon, adopting all of these new changes in the constitution to their contributions in student government.