Lane looks at local artists

Hunter Ruland // The Torch
Local artist Katie Sanchez stands next to her art piece, “5th Street Blues.”. Her artwork, made using colored pencils, was one of many that were shown at the opening reception of the “We Love Local” art show on May 10 in the David Joyce Gallery in Building 19.

The art show titled “We Love Local” is open in the David Joyce Gallery at Lane Community College’s main campus. Mixed media, two-dimensional artwork inspired by Lane county lifestyles and nature are on public display.

The artist’s reception was held on Wednesday, May 10 in the Center for Meeting and Learning. Public, staff, faculty and students viewed the art, all from local scenes, while enjoying conversations during the reception.

Lane’s Art Committee selected 16 artists to participate in the show. The art committee consists of approximately six employees from the Center for Meeting and Learning. Before the artwork is accepted to be part of the show, each submission is examined by the committee.

“It depends on a lot of things as to how long it takes a show to be planned,” organizer of the show, Susan Detroy of Meeting and Learning said. “Artists need to submit the paperwork, communication needs to be made, details need to be ironed-out.”

Artist Matt Burney spent 80-100 hours on his bronze piece of art. He knew he wanted two hands holding a piece of “cardboard,” then his art began to evolve “Look in the Mirror” is made casted of bronze. Two hands are holding a piece of cardboard, with a mirror carefully angled behind. On the cardboard the words, “Anywhere but here” are written.

Christopher Palanuk // The Torch
Cooperative Education Administrator Phoebe Anderson (left) talks with community member Erin Bonner as they participate in the opening reception of the “We Love Local” art show displayed in the David Joyce Gallery.

“The mirror is positioned so you can be the person standing looking down or the one sitting behind the sign. Picture yourself where you identify,” Burney said.

“It started out as an assignment for a class here at Lane. I am a metal fabricator and I wanted to learn further skills by taking additional classes. I wasn’t sure what I wanted the cardboard to say,” Burney said.

The Center for Meeting and Learning is closed on the weekends consequently the artist reception was held in the middle of the week to make the experience open so students, family and friends could attend.

“I love supporting this! It is marvelous…it is great helping to support local artists,” art show attendee Phoebe Anderson said.

Hunter Ruland // The Torch
The local artist known as Seals, displayed their acrylic art works at the “We Love Local” art show during the opening reception on May 10 in the David Joyce Gallery in Building 19.

The art exhibit “We Love Local” is held in the David Joyce Memorial Gallery. David Joyce was an artist and Lane instructor for 25 years. He retired in 2001 after he was diagnosed with cancer. Joyce is best known for his work “Flying People” at one point on display at the Eugene Airport.

“The gallery provides a select, unique personal art experience to the viewer, whether they be a student, employee or visitor to the college. For some, this small venue may be a first introduction to visual art, which in itself, is quite wonderful,” Kacey Joyce local printmaker and David’s widow said.

Artwork in the show is for sale and the proceeds are used to help support the gallery. Information on purchasing art can be found on the gallery’s Facebook, or by contacting the Center for Meeting and Learning office.

The gallery is located on the second floor of the Center for Meeting and Learning building at Lane. While climbing the stairs to the second floor gallery, visitors can read notes written by students to the namesake of the gallery — instructor David Joyce.

David Joyce was a respected and beloved artist and art instructor at LCC.  His vision of art being eclectic and accessible lives on — is shared — through the David Joyce Gallery.

“We Love Local” will be open for viewing Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. and on special occasions. The show continues until the fall of 2017.