Taking on The Torch

Christopher Palanuk // The Torch
Current editor-in-chief Kira Jones collaborates with 2017-2018 EIC Jeffery Osborns on page design of The Torch.

“All of those things that you’re going to school for, this is only going to help,” Osborns said. “If I can get people to say yes to opportunities, we’re going to have a great year next year.”

Every Spring the Media Commission at Lane Community College elects a new Editor-In-Chief. For decades, this has been an annual occurrence. Current Production Director and Distribution Manager Jeffery Osborns has been selected to lead the Torch for the 2017-18 school year.

Osborns is in his second year of Lane’s multimedia program and will be completing the program at the end of Spring term, 2017. He first joined The Torch as a photojournalist in April of 2016. He started as the Production Director over the summer of the same year. Now, after a rigorous interview process, Osborns is ready to add his years of retail management to the leadership of the publication.

“It’s going to be a big challenge next year and that’s what always excites me,” Osborns said. “There’s so much momentum going into next year with me specifically, I feel like I’m really catching my stride.”

In his interview for the position, Osborns was very highly regarded by all of his references. One of his instructors, Thomas Burton, feels Osborns applies himself very well and has seen him work very well with other students.

“I would think that he’d probably be focused on bringing things to attention that will serve the student body and further student awareness on important topics.” Burton said.

Torch production adviser Charlie Deitz says that Osborns is patient and focused and he is excited to see him motivate his staff and lead The Torch further ahead.

“I look forward to seeing him motivate his team next year and lead The Torch into its bright future,” Deitz said. “He is inheriting a very strong team and legacy from the previous editors-in-chief and I am confident he will only build on that foundation.”

Osborns has big plans for the publication both inside the newsroom and out. He hopes to try some new things to motivate people and get new staff members. He also plans to change up the design style of the paper itself, to give it an edgier more magazine-like feel to try to entice new readers and reach his goal of increasing the amount of papers picked up. Sooner on the timeline, however, he hopes to publish content digitally over the summer in order to build the publication’s online presence. With many new movies and shows happening throughout the summer, Osborns hopes to generate some entertainment coverage for the web.

With a few current staff members sticking around, Osborns is ready to start building his team and hopes to find ambitious individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset. He hopes to maintain The Torch as a constructive learning environment and help his staff reach their potential.