Meal fit for a Titan

Diana Baker // The Torch
Lane students and NSLS members Codey Valenzuela and Bailey Koffler sort clothes donated for students.

On Friday, Nov. 17, the National Society of Leadership and Success, a student leadership and honor society, provided nearly 250 students with breakfast, lunch and dinner. The event was held in Building 19 on the Lane Community College main campus as part of hunger and homelessness week. In addition to providing food, NSLS had several other rooms for students to hang out in including a game room, a clothing donation room and a movie and popcorn room. Many NSLS members felt a personal connection to the issues surrounding homelessness and hunger because of this event which contributed to their motivation to make it happen.

Diana Baker // The Torch
Miacarla Mungo, president of NSLS, gets a flag ready in a room filled with food donated for students. The NSLS hoped to bring awareness to the issues homeless students face.

“A lot of NSLS students are worried about homelessness and we have homeless students in our ranks,” Miacarla Mungo, President of NSLS, said. NSLS members support each other on and off campus.

“The NSLS wanted to provide a broad relief for the ways students struggle while they try and achieve some level of academic success,” Clint Corsi, NSLS Social Media Director, said.

People who showed up were welcomed by NSLS members with a smile and a warm place to relax or study. Some attendees took the opportunity to share their personal stories with NSLS members and peers.

“It means so much that people can come and eat if they’re hungry. That there are people out there helping in the community really trying to make a change. It really lightens up life,” Cecily Williams, an LCC student, said.

Diana Baker // The Torch
Codey Valenzuela and Bailey Koffler, Lane NSLS members, sort items donated for students. The NSLS event provided meals, a movie, games, and clothing.

Many students and members considered the event a success, however, some of the board members want the college to do more for students.

“This is a really important issue, and the school doesn’t put enough emphasis on students who are struggling. No one should have to worry about meals and such,” Bailey Koffler, Vice President of NSLS, stated.

The NSLS is planning to hold this event again next year in the hopes that the college will notice and take charge of the issue.