Terry’s ‘Daydreams’ downtown

Anna C.K. Smith // The Torch
Terry Holloway works on setting up part of ‘Germ’ for his installment ‘Daydreams’ at the Eugene West Broadway Commerce Center. ‘Germ’ was inspired in part by Holloway’s own relationships and feelings towards germs in his life.
Anna C.K. Smith // The Torch
Instructional Specialist Terry Holloway talks with participants at the Eugene West Broadway Commerce Center where his art installment “Daydreams” currently resides.

Terry Holloway brought his mixed media art installment “Daydreams” to the downtown Eugene West Broadway Commerce Center this month. Holloway has been a faculty member in the Lane Community College Media Arts Department for the last few years and has previously shown his art at the commerce center.

The installment features three of Holloway’s pieces. Holloway began working on these pieces for a local upcycling artist challenge where artists turn discarded objects into art called “Object Afterlife.” This process of taking old things and finding new and creative uses for them resonates with Holloway.

“The process is really important, and I like to be challenged and tested,” Holloway said. “Sometimes I think that it’s more important than the finished piece.”

Holloway finds “Object Afterlife” challenging and enjoyable because of the upcycling aspect. Upcycling is basically transforming old and discarded objects into something new and different and is celebrated by many environmentalists.

“Upcycling art speaks to [Holloway’s] way of seeing things. He sees potential in used material and has practice finding value in things after they’ve served their purpose,” Meghan Horne-Brine Holloway’s partner said.

Anna C.K. Smith // The Torch
Terry Holloway begins construction on one of his pieces in his installment”Daydreams” at the Eugene West Broadway Commerce Center.

The pieces are all inspired by Holloway’s own life and feelings and help him connect his past to his present. The name of the installment, Daydreams, comes from his own sense of how he views the world.

“This is how I’m like all day. Always dreaming about things and letting my imagination run wild,” Holloway said.

Students, faculty and friends from the community came to support Holloway during his artist reception the first night of the installment.

“[Holloway’s] installment is so cool, his work really sets a mood. The way Terry can look at stuff and reimagine it, it’s a real talent not a lot of artists have.” Cari Ingrassia a friend of Holloway’s said.

“If I like that, I’m going to create that,” Holloway said about his attitude towards creating.

Holloway’s ‘Daydreams’ installment will be in the West Broadway Commerce Center until Nov. 27, in between Killer Burger, The Barn Light and Sizzle Pie.