Sexual assault reported at Lane

A woman was groped on the Lane Community College main campus on Feb. 9.

Students were sent a Lane Alert through text and email with information about the crime. According to the alert, the person who committed the assault was a white male. He had cropped dark brown hair, a medium build, green eyes and blue track shoes. He approached the student outside of Building 5 and assaulted her. After the victim slapped him, he became verbally aggressive with her before leaving.

“I don’t think it’s right at all that somebody can’t feel safe where they’re going to school,” Sabrena Saggaf, a student in the GED program at LCC, said.

Students can file a report of sexual assault or harassment with any LCC employee. If uncomfortable reporting an incident with Lane staff, students can make a report online through the mySafety section of the MyLane home page.

Someone who is looking for information and support about an incident but who is not ready to report it can contact a confidential resource, who will not share information with anyone without written consent from the person filing the report. Michelle Barber in Building 19 is a Confidential Resource, and others can be found upon request in the Health Center and the Counseling Center.

Students are encouraged to use LCC’s resources regarding sexual assault to help create a safer campus.