Student government campaigns underway

The Associated Students of Lane Community College Student Government are holding elections for various positions on campus for the upcoming school year. Elections will be held online from May 15 to 17.  

Two tickets for president and vice president have been submitted, with current and Vice President Becca Hill pairing up to face current Sustainability Coordinator Keely Blyleven and Campus Community Director Dan Good. In addition to the presidential and vice presidential elections there are up to 10 open senate seats to be filled.

Rehbein and Hill are running on a platform based on four central values: accessibility, inclusivity, accountability and sustainability. One of the main focuses of their campaign is to open a line of communication between the student body and the board of directors at the school. Hill believes strongly that “any elected official’s job is to speak up to power for students.” The group has experience in high levels of student government and intend to use the lessons they learned in the past to mold how to best keep communication open for all involved in the school.

Blyleven and Good are running on a platform of accessibility and equity, looking to provide “all-encompassing sustainability for student success.” Both candidates have experience in student government and hope to use their experience running programs like the Rainy Day Food Pantry to provide options for all students. Good, a self-proclaimed utilitarian spoke about how the pair would approach the first days of being in charge.

“We would check on the ability to expand the food pantry, and look into options for feeding students in school,” Good said.  

He spoke about bringing back dining dollars as well as possibly opening a type of soup kitchen for students to take away some of the distractions that could be faced by less fortunate students.

“It is terrible to have dreams without the ability to achieve them due to what you cannot control,” Good said.

Rumors have circulated that the Blyleven/Good campaign has used illegal campaign methods as they had originally been the only candidates represented at Blenders, Good’s place of employment. Good said that everything the group did was fair by the rules of campaigning in the ASLCCSG Bylaws, and added that having a positive relationship with his employer has helped him gain their endorsement.

The senate elections have only six candidates filed so far, but that does not undermine the importance of voting. Caleb Peterson, a candidate for senator stressed this importance saying, “we need students to vote no matter how many candidates there are because it will help decide which person fills Senate Seats 1 through 10.” With each senate seat being at a different level of the “pecking order.”

After the election has taken place the president will create a committee of at least one executive committee member and at least two senators in order to appoint the executive staff team. All ASLCC members are required to enroll in and complete at least six credits hours while maintaining a 2.0 term GPA. These positions will be filled within thirty calendar days of taking office, according to ASLCC Constitution.

During election days, student government members, that are not running for office, equipped with tablets will be available to as to assist students in the voting process on the first floor of the Center Building. Students can also find the ballots on Orgsync by following the “StudentOrgs” link on the top right corner of the MyLane portal.