Most campus crimes down

The annual Clery Report was released Sept. 30, and over the last three years, most crimes on Lane Community College’s campus seem to be decreasing while stalking remains among the most common.

The Clery Act was enacted following the rape and murder of Jeanne Clery in her college dormitory in 1990. The law requires educational institutions that participate in federal financial aid programs to provide students and employees with the security policies, regulations and crime statistics of the school.

James L. Harris, public safety lieutenant, described stalking as repeated unwanted contact that would make a reasonable person feel fear for his/her safety.

Harris also encourages students to be proactive about their own safety.

“If you have a suspect, contact public safety immediately,” Harris said.

Despite stalking being one of the most frequently reported crimes on campus it still has decreased over the last three years with 11 incidents in 2015, seven in 2016 and six in 2017.

According to the US Department of Education Campus Safety and Security webpage, out of the four most populated community colleges in Oregon, LCC had the most burglaries–seven–and rapes–two–on campus.

Despite LCC having a relatively large number of enrolled students, the school had the least amount of motor vehicle thefts and murders among its four peer community colleges.

Portland Community College had the most reported crime on campus with 16 motor vehicle thefts and seven aggravated assaults.

Drug related incidents at LCC saw a slight increase from 2016, with three arrests and six referrals.

Harris explained that every drug used on campus must be reported, and it becomes a “referral” once it gets into the hands of a judicial advisor.

For non-emergency related questions Public Safety can be reached at (541) 463-5558 or visit their webpage at

Cartoon by Quentin J. Piccolo