Moore hopes to set Lane up for victory

After the departure of head coach Stephanie Willett, who is now coaching for Southwestern Oregon Community College, Athletic Director Greg Sheley has appointed Jim Moore as head coach of the women’s volleyball team. Moore coached two women whose career took them to the Olympics.

At the University of Oregon, Moore coached for 12 years and led his team to the Division I postseason in 10 of those years. Over his career, Moore has been National Coach of the Year three times. His career with Oregon left him the ninth winningest coach in Pac-12 history. There, Moore accumulated 186 wins and only 98 losses.  

Moore and his wife, assistant coach Stacy Metro, faced major criticism over their coaching style while at Oregon. Two former players, Naya Crittenden and Nicky Kevorken, wrote scathing letters to the college and many news networks. In the letters, the two women made claims that Moore’s coaching style was “verbally abusive.” Kevorken even wrote, “I would get screamed at if I stepped on the court and be told to get off,” continuing to say she was “never coached.”

However, these accusations are the only two official complaints against Moore as a coach in his 28-year career.

Upon Moore’s retirement in May of 2018, another letter was sent to UO’s president Michael Schill. This letter was signed by three former players of Moore’s, Kristen Rott, Sonja Newcombe and Natalie Bookout Gonzalez.

“The purpose of this letter is not to void their opinions. The opinions they express are real to them,” Kristen Rott wrote. The trio of women vouched for their former coach and offered another point of view. “Should Jim Moore be forced to resign, his reputation as an excellent coach, man of integrity, and educational leader should be honored.”

Moore says his proudest moments as a coach come to him as his past alumni reach out to him and stay in touch. “They’ve been great to me, and that’s what sticks with me the most,” Moore said.

Moore sees his opportunity to work for Lane as a chance to share his Division I experience and have fun with the game he loves. His wife, Stacy Metro, has since taken a head coaching position at Western Oregon University. Metro still finds ways to help her husband when she can. “I can’t say she’s not helping. She’s coaching club at the same time and helping me recruit,” Jim Moore said.

“I think we have an outstanding candidate, who is overqualified for the position,” Sheley said. Sheley feels Moore’s experience will help build the student athletes and they can learn from his experiences.