So long, paper tickets

Lucien Guidotti-Lawrence

Lane Transit District has signed a $2.8 million contract with a California-based electronic fare collection agency in efforts to modernize their systems. To move toward a new era of payment options for riders, LTD will pay for the services of Delerrok Inc. The contract will use Delerrok’s equipment and payment services for a six-year period. The new system is scheduled to be implemented by Aug. 1.

LTD hopes to make boarding city busses faster and easier for the users, allowing them to simply scan a card or cell phone at a bus terminal before boarding. This would get rid of the old ID pass system allowing anyone to use their cell phone or a Touchpass to board.

This electronic system will be storing and collecting  data on the passengers as to where they are being picked up and dropped off. LTD expressed that the data will be used to find faults in their current model so they can improve their efficiency. LTD says the data will be 100 percent anonymous, protecting all users’ identity. University of Oregon and Lane Community College have a group pass with the bus system and will also have access to the data collected by LTD. Students will eventually be provided touch passes instead of ID cards.

The renovations will provide new features, such as parental controls. With the new touch passes, parents will be able to add funds to accounts remotely and monitor the use of the account.

Another feature LTD hopes to add is called “capping.” Instead of buying a month-long bus pass, users will pay for the bus until they meet the monthly cap. Once the cap has been met the users’ account will not have to pay for the rest of the month.

The old payment styles will not vanish overnight, however, they will slowly be phased out of the system over a couple of months, or as seen fit by LTD. They hope to switch over to the new systems efficiently, even if it means taking more time.