Bounce houses, laser tag, dunk tank, oh my

Lighting the fuse for the new year, on Sept. 24, the student government teamed up with the student engagement team to create an exciting first impression on first-year students. 


Students, a week away from being freshmen, filled into the courtyard in front of the Center Building. It was the last stop along the way of their orientation. The air filled with the scent of flame-charred burgers and hot dogs as future students walked into a festival-like atmosphere. 


Massive bounce houses were the backdrop to the laser tag field. Many of the students scattered between the isles of booths representing clubs the school offers. Hanging out in the crowd was Lane’s student government president, Bryant Everett. 


“Simply incredible. It sets the tone for our year: a year of more outreach, support, involvement, and community for the students,” said Everett. At the beginning of her student government campaign, Everett was adamant about bringing a greater sense of community to the school. 

“The biggest thing that I think that we’ll do is do a lot more outreach to all the other organizations and clubs and sort of bind together everyone as a singular college and university,” Everett said last year during her campaign. 

Once it was all said and done more than 700 students attended the event dubbed Titan Palooza. Getting students excited and involved was a primary goal of the event for Everett. 

She hit the mark according to incoming freshman Skyler Hawley. His first impression of Lane’s campus left him stunned at the enormity. “It’s big,” he said amidst the excitement of the spectacle. 

Titan Palooza exceeded expectations and certainly hyped many students for their first year of college. Everett hopes these students will also be more motivated to get involved. 

“Take up table tennis, start fencing, or learn to fly a drone–you might have a knack for it. If you are interested in something else, you can create it,” Everett said. 

She is challenging students to expand out of their comfort zones. Urging students to break away from the same old boring routine of classes, Everett has some advice for the incoming class. “Get involved. It’s perfectly simple to go directly to class and go home. There have been many who have —and there’s nothing wrong with that —but there is more to college than just your classes.”