Murder suspects apprehended

Update on Alex Gradin’s death

Last May, the Torch was remorseful having to write an obituary for fellow student Alex Oyombe Gradin. 

Gradin’s life was lost in a shooting in the parking lot behind Taylor’s Bar and Grill near the University of Oregon. The assailants fled the scene. 

After months of investigation, Eugene police arrested the two people believed to be responsible. The police have since reported that Gradin’s death was the result of gang violence. Gradin had no prior relations with the couple arrested. 

“This is most troubling because Alex had zero affiliation with any gang,” said Detective Jed Mcguire of Eugene’s police department.

The two arrested, a married couple, Regis Derey Kindred, 30, and Kailee Von Foster, 29, have both been charged with Gradin’s murder. 

Kindred and Foster were arrested May 13, just nine days after Gradin’s death, in Portland, on unrelated charges. 

Kindred was put in Multnomah’s holding facility for theft and parole violation. Foster was brought in on prostitution charges and released soon after, but taken into custody during a traffic stop in Portland. 

The people allegedly responsible for Gradin’s death are behind bars, but the investigation is ongoing. Authorities are still looking for a man they believe has information about what happened that night.

This witness the police are looking for goes by “Cain,” and is described as a six-foot three-inch, slender, black man with visible tattoos on his neck and maybe his right hand.   

He is not listed as a suspect.

At the time of this publication, no trial date has been set.