EugFun Second annual Coffin race.

To any non-Eugenian, the frightening and wild visions seen at the top of Skinner Butte Loop on a misty October morning would have certainly caused alarm. 

Bloodied doctors, magical ponies and other spectral ghouls sat snugly in hand-built, coffin-shaped box cars, who are then shot screaming down the sloping Skinner Loop.

The EugFun Coffin Races marked their second year of success Saturday, Oct. 19. Numerous Frankensteins, monsters, mummies, witches and other spooky folks gathered on either side of the Loop, corralled by bales of hay, cheering their favorite racers on. 

While last year’s numbers drew in a little under 3,000 people, this year’s event boasted over 3,600 attendees which included families, students, police and firefighters, and, overall, freaked out visitors. 

Coffins were sent reeling over the hill, speeding down toward plush cushions, hay bales and helpful volunteers. 

The coffin racers themselves represented businesses and individuals. Each group’s box-car coffin was carefully crafted to win the race and the hearts of their viewers, meaning some were built for speed, and others for the humor alone. Giant shark coffins, Viking coffins, and even a suped-up bathtub found themselves at the starting line sporting clever tags likeDeath to All but Metal,” “Grave Mistake, Abby…Abby Normal,” “Millennium Coffin,” “Coffin n’ Sneezin’” and the “Corpse Ride” to name a few. 

A team needs to have a nimble coffin, a smart driver, a strong team of “pushers” and an energetic and supportive crowd.

While the coffin racers were setting up and shooting off, the hungry audience helped themselves to hot dogs, waffles, pizza, Thai food and adult beverages. 

To bridge the time between races, a plethora of games and crafts were either set up or donated to placate excited little monsters and ghosts. There were pumpkins to carve, cookies to decorate, bouncy houses to bounce in and many more family-friendly activities.

EugFun prioritized the safety of the crowd and the thirty-nine drivers. 

Volunteers were at nearly every opening and closing down the loop to prevent disaster. These were hypothetical coffin-cars after all. 

Besides a few skid marks and broken egos, not a single soul was sent careening into the great beyond.