Lane’s student body president speaks on her plans for the school year

Bryant Everett was Lane Community College Chief of Staff last year, before being elected student government president. 

The transition from the previous student government was well designed according to Everett. She hopes to make it even easier for the next crew. 

“Where I’d like to be in nine months is comfortably knowing that the next group coming in is set up better than our group was previously,” Everett said. “We had a really good transition between the last administration and our own, and we just want to keep building on that.”

To fulfill her campaign promise of creating a well-connected college community, Everett is attempting to bridge the gap between student groups. She plans to create forums for student group leaders to allow the clubs on campus to communicate and help each other more. 

“The first one [campaign promise] was creating more connections in the college community which we are succeeding at and doing – I think – admirably at,” Everett said. 

Her focus is not only set on student clubs but for the individual student(s) as well. “We should be the student’s advocate,” Everett said. “Our biggest thing is: we’re trying to find solutions for problems that the students are experiencing that maybe not everyone knows is a big problem.” 

Finding what issues students need to be addressed is largely done by surveys. According to Everett, 27% of the student body has participated in the survey, her goal is to reach 33%. “We are trying to make sure that we survey students a lot, in the sense of we get a large representative share,” Everett said.

Her job as student body president doesn’t only pertain to on-campus issues. Often times she is asked to represent Lane’s students out of state. 

“If you need somebody to go to Washington DC and lobby our senators and our federal level legislators, that should theoretically be your president.” 

Also, branching out to other colleges in the state, she is using the same skills that she applies to campus. “The same thing that I am doing with the clubs, is exactly what we are doing with other colleges in the state,” Everett said. 

In her process, she is uncovering issues Lane may be having that other schools already solved. On the other hand, LCC is excelling in some areas that could be improved upon on other campuses.

“Our food pantry is actually much higher quality than most of the colleges and universities that we have visited,” Everett said. “That’s one of those things that we can model and show them how they can have better free resources for their students.” 

Being ambitious by nature, Everett hopes to create a position for a student to be on the Board of Education. According to LCC’s website, “the board’s charge is to oversee the development of programs and services that board members believe will best serve the needs of the people of the Lane Community College District.

“Because that is the highest ruling body of the entire organization, if we had just one student voice in that space that would be huge,” Everett said. “I’m plotting that out and there are some laws that need to change, and that’ll take the long legislative session, which is next year.”

Knowing she is president until the end of the school year, she hopes the next president will continue her plans.