Audrey Scully

“Loneliness is a Monster”

The 22 filmmaking teams at the seventh annual 72-Hour Horror Film Competition submitted pieces ranging from riveting to comical to somewhere in between. The Jury Award of $1,134 went to the film “Unwind,” produced by an all-female team from the University of Oregon Film Club.  “Unwind” was produced by Colleen Quinn, Marissa Jensen, Sophie Ackerman …

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Lana French, Anna CK Smith

Saturday Market celebrates 50 years

Saturday Market encompasses the spirit of Eugene. On April 6, the Eugene Saturday Market kicked off its 50th season. It all started with one woman, Lotte Streisinger. Inspired by fond childhood memories of European markets, and later inspirations from market plazas she saw in Central America led her to the vision of a Saturday marketplace …

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REVIEW: Andrea (Andrew) Gibson

Editor’s Note: Spoken word poet and activist Andrea Gibson was set to appear at Lane Community College on Feb. 25 before a snowstorm forced the college to cancel the performance. A new date has not yet been announced, though the poet will reportedly return sometime in the fall. Andrea (Andrew) Gibson’s works explore the intricacies of queer love, family, gender, religion, hardship and perseverance. Every word is chosen with intent, delivered with heart-soaked passion. Some words so sharp, you can feel the steel in your chest, and tears well at the edge of your lids, threatening to burst over the flood …

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